Atelier Camouflage

The project is a research around the possibilities of using camouflage as a practice of environmental art by using a sustainable outdoor fabric to mitigate the impact of buildings, sheds or other invasive products in the landscape. The Installation Il quarto paesaggio (The fourth landscape) especially conceived for La Morra, takes its starting point from a gigantic reproduction of a 40 cm detail of the famous painting Lo specchio della vita (1895-1898), by the master of divisionism Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, printed on fabric and installed on the big cement wall next to the bastions of the Rocca del Belvedere. The aim of the artist is to give life to an original twine between real and painted landscape, in a work that at a closer look reveals the incredible richness of colours used by Pellizza da Volpedo and from far mixes harmonically with the colours of the surrounding nature. Atelier of Camouflage aim to make invasive architectures and structures “disappear” from the landscape, stemmed from the experimentation of a new ecological fabric and innovative techniques and printing colours. The project uses camouflage as an unusual “restoration” tool and as a device to offer new and surprising points of view on the landscape. 

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