Auspicio (with Enrico Ascoli)

Auspicio stages the process of fermentation of the must, exploring its unprecedented sound dimension. In ancient times, the wish consisted in divining the future by observing birds, in particular singing, flying and feeding. Auspicio is a sound off-grid, which once triggered lives without the need for electricity or its creator, becoming an autonomous organism that expresses itself through the song of birds. Inside large glass ampoules the wine must tumultuously ferments producing air. Flowing into a thin glass tube this natural blow meets a series of small bags filled with honey that with its density mold it and causes bubbles: their explosion gives breath and play sound by the hunting calls for birds placed at the end of the path. The project is an experimental attempt to compose a landscape in continuous transformation, in which clothes the idea of a future made of equilibrium between artifice and nature, ancient and contemporary, territory and globalization. 

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