Finisterrae (with Matteo Norzi)

Finis Terrae, end of the world, in the past would name the last place of known territories. To focus on the self-given border which man feels necessary for his own apparent horizon. From this idea a research starts on the relationship between man and habitat, regarding both inside and outside spaces. Within the dimensions of everyday living, including but not restricted to the domestic sphere, and the forgotten archetype of the savage ambient. To narrate on the prints that man leaves behind, it is an evocative commentary on both presence and absence. The intent is to describe mankind by tracing his gestures rather than his physical nature, such intangible aspects. Exploring between contemporary conditions of living reveal a longing to escape from the artificial; a continuous, natural, and even instinctual desire reveals itself. ‘Time erosion’ and ‘space taming’ are the conceptual terms and formal instruments utilized in order to lead viewers towards a broader reflection on trespassing, destination, and purpose. 

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